GPR-SLICE Video Tutorials
  • Basic processing steps for making time slices and a 3D volume from raw radargrams
  • How to do standard batch topographic corrections on radargrams using an imported digital elevation model
  • Vector longitudinal tunnel surveys 
  • How to warp  a rectangular volume into a tunnel volume
  • How to correct for time 0ns variability across a dataset 

David Hunter with Hunter Geophysics in Australia has posted many useful and complete video tutorials
on GPR-SLICE on his website at and linked here

  • Getting started: introduction to GPR-SLICE (extended version 2.5hours)
  • Automated hyperbola detection with the Bridgedeck module
  • Automated horizon/layer detection and mapping
  • How to display and interpret radargrams
  • How to plot single-baseline navigated ("spline") GPR data
  • Project management (opening, closing and archiving projects)
  • How to handle duplicate radar data filenames in GPR-SLICE
  • How to update GPR-SLICE
  • How to process Leica D2000 or IDS Opera Duo 
  • How to process Mala Ground Explorer data with custom navigation
  • How to process Mala Ground Explorer data with total station navigation
  • How to import Lidar topographic data into GPR-SLICE