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GPR-SLICE v7.0 (c)

Subscribers download:

GPR-SLICE update - August 15, 2018 745am Pacific
GPR-SLICE v7.0 Library files update - May 14, 2018

*** GPR-SLICE v7.0 manual - Updated February 2018 in Doc form can be downloaded at   THis is the main manual and is 400 pages of the full details in GPR-SLICE.  

GPR-SLICE Basic Processing Tutorial - 7/13/18

GPR-SLICE Software - Update Information

8/15/18 OpenGL XYZ-2d menu for projects with multiple blocks - draw menu will only display objects within the active block
8/5/18 GSSI *.M3D 3d navigation file import in the Create New Info menu
8/3/18 GPS track editing with removal of all GPS points withing a drawn rectangular mous box added to GPS Track menu
7/17/18 31x31 Low pass and high pass filters added to the Grid menu
7/9/18 Separate SIR 30 channels automatically generates separate infochannels-1-N.dat files 
7/8/18 Hi-pass grid filters placed back into the Grid menu 
6/27/18 N interpolations between adjacent radargrams and auto generated info file under the Filter Analytic menu 
6/11/18 Georeferencing an info.dat file via UTM start/end in the Edit Info File menu 
6/6/18 Horizon auto detection parameters for each individual layer 1-8 recalled when changing the horizon number in the listbox
6/6/18 Object_Export-Topo text file in OpenGL Volume Draw menu is available via the non-warping menu but with absolute elevation via master topo1.grd file 
6/4/18 Pixel blending added to to OpenGL vector radargram displays
5/31/18 Option to auto generate georeference rotated/translated time slices in the Grid Menu via the 4 corner east/north or lat/long assignment in the Pixel Map menu
5/30/18 Export text file in OpenGL Volume Warp + Draw menu will write a separate absolute elevation column in conjunction with reading a global topo1.grd master topo file
5/24/18 OpenGL Volume Draw cursor sensitivity setting from 1-10 available in the Options menu (default=5)
5/24/18 Grid block and XY overlap for topography topo1.grd file extended to allow OpenGL Topo Volume warping of grid blocks
5/22/18 New horizon search criteria option to search below/above a designated horizon and starting N samples from the designated/detected horizon
5/16/18 OpenGL texture mapping flag - set in Option menu - to increase speed of data scrolling for reasonably sized volumes
5/15/18 Block overlap option for x and y axes in parsing large multichannel volumes into segmented volumes
5/15/18 Accelerator keys in OpenGL Volume Draw disengaged during non-drawing operations allowing lower case (acclerator key) letters to be inserted as object names
5/13/18 Hyperbola regression fitting uses the antenna TR offset for better radius estimation
5/13/18 Get Google Map bitmap option in OpenGL will automatically set depth of sitemap bitmap to 1.01*depth of the volume on initial placement
5/11/18 Velocity versus xy gridmaps available in the hyperbola detection compilation - another useful source for describing bridgedeck deterioration (bridgedeck licenses only)
5/11/18 Beta - auto velocity analysis and cylindrical radius estimates from regression analysis on hyperbola fitting available for bridgedeck licenses in the Hyperbola Search menu 
5/8/18 Large volume display available with standard display lists using max 512*512 quads in OpenGL - texture rendering active for solid displays only 
5/6/18 Improved display of long vector radargrams in OpenGL using max 512*512 triangle vertices per display list
5/3/18 Object-export.txt file with navigation in utm and lat/long exported via the Edit Object menu in OpenGL Volume Draw
5/3/18 Sensors and Software/ Pulse Ekko demultiplex option added to Edit Info File menu
5/3/18 OpenGL object annotate font size added to Options menu
5/3/18 Improved rendering of long GPS radargrams in OpenGL using max display list render sizes
5/2/18 Step rotation buttons about Z axis in OpenGL added 
4/26/18 Time slice increased speed drawing extended to shaded color displays
4/18/18 Import of bpw ArcGIS world file in OpenGL BMP Overlay menu to automatically insert the SW, SE, NE and NW corners of the image
4/17/18 Del Double GPS replaced with Del Double Loc so that any consecutive identical eastings/northings are removed
4/12/18 DXF output will append the Save menu item identifier in front the export files for autocad allowing customized filenames 
4/11/18 New hotkeys in OpenGL Volume Draw menu using the rt/lt arrow keys to advance xyz scans or radargrams and the shift key held down to continue rotating the volume during draw commands
4/10/18 All speed improvements on displays are engaged for batch radargram filtering and time slice grid create
4/10/18 New speed optimation option in the Pixel Map menu for regular non-shaded time slice displays up to 3-10+ times faster
4/10/18 New speed optimization option of Radar 2D displays with improvements up to 3 to 10+ times faster
4/8/18 Speed improvements in graphic displays in marker editing and show marker menus for super long radargrams 
4/5/18 Improvement of mouse action in drawing objects on Zscan and XY profiles in OpenGL in the 4 quadrants
4/4/18 Position information written to pulse dialog for XYpoints operations.
3/26/18 Window panning option added to OpenGL Volume menu using the mousewheel or middle button hold 
3/24/18 Default project directory option added to the Create New Project menu
3/20/18 File header display available for some manufacturers in the Edit Info File menu
3/19/18 Option to hardwire vector in the GPS Track menu via the x,y,z offset menu slots
3/18/18 Direct vector radargrams to 3D binary volume compilation
3/15/18 OpenGL Volume displays enhanced to be able to show solid vector volumes
3/14/18 Floating pulse graphic window displayed during XYPoints operations via Options menu checkbox for range axis settings
3/12/18 Scroll buttons placed back into Spectra+Gain menu
3/9/18 Topography warping drawing available now in the openGL Topo Volume Warp + Draw menu 
3/7/18 3D cursor for drawing objects on GPS/XY radargrams in OpenGL Volume drawm 
3/5/18 GPS radargram line objects and sphere objects drawing available in OpenGL Volume Draw
3/4/18 CSV readable file csv-info.dat written on saving in the Edit File menu for opening with columns in Excel
2/28/18 OpenGL Volume Draw text oriented to match line angles
2/27/18 Maximum number of profiles raised to 25000 for  single project 
2/26/18 Beta gridset divisions calibration curve for regaining defined blocks of radargrams in the info file and with the calibration based on the normalized Hilbert transform - available via the H-Cal-Div button and Regain buttons in the Filter menu
2/25/18 RadCut button in OpenGL XYZ-2D menu now will automatically launch the Radar 2D menu and show all the line cut radargram objects in the dialog for syncing on the OpenGL menu
2/24/18 RadCut button in OpenGL Volume Draw menu enhanced to read multiple customized line objects to create multiple customized user tracks cut from the 3D volume
2/23/18 Option to create a user defined line object with the Rad Cut button OpenGL Volume Draw with a variable track and to export this track into a 2D radargram with a separate navigation file and information file
2/23/18 Get Yaw button placed back into the Edit Info File menu for insertion of yaw/pitch/roll into vx,vy,vz vectors positions in the *.*.gps files (2/23/18).  
2/22/18 Vector volume solid option displays  added to OpenGL Volume
2/19/18 Up to 6 unique sitemap bitmap option added to the OpenGL Volume display
2/19/18 Import of Vector-xyza.dat file min/max values on location adjusted to the lower and upper integral values
2/17/18 Vector radargram 2D displays GPS range tier display replaced with elevation
2/13/18 DZT export in the Filter renamed so that the that extension and the original final name are exported without the export_ append identifier name as well
Bug Fixes:  Color code:  White - low priority     Yellow - better get it      Orange - critical
8/14/18 GSSI DZG to UTM 2 button fix for runnon log files without carriage return removed
8/14/18 Shift key on OpenGL Volume Draw for continuing object drawing position changing
8/9/18 32 bit conversion byte shift - 24 hour bug
8/8/18 32  bit XYpoints pulse window not shown correctly
8/8/18 GSSI dzt export corrected to the \work\ folder
8/1/18 Georeferencing an info.dat file not using correct arc cos formula
7/23/18 Compile horz-dN.dat + topo1.grd not looking for correct file name in Static menu
7/23/18 One cell round down on 3D direct volume compilation should be rounded up one cell 
7/22/18 64bit interpolated volume on "absolute" or "ABSOLUTE" normalization not working - year old bug
7/18/18 GSSI DZG2 to UTM not working with glitch in GSSI GPS log file
7/15/18 BlueBox run vxfm button launched 2D Pixel transform and not 3D volume transform menu
7/15/18 OpenGL Volume Draw object drawing - leftover object shown on incrementing z plane
7/13/18 XYPoints redraw no working on x lines when both xy cross lines are shown
7/12/18 JPG world files not being generated in the Pixel Map menu
7/5/18 GSSI DZG2 to UTM not reading NMEA string correctly - 2 month old bug
7/1/18 Shaded color glitch on optimize speed option
6/30/18 Black graphics background for optimize speed showing white in Pixel Map menu 
6/29/18 Horizon statistic volume in OpenGL in error
6/28/18 3D volume helpset sets the z grid cell length to 0 for non-vector surveys - 1 day bug
6/27/18 Vector direct to 3D volume - xy limits not set correctly depending on vector orientation
6/27/18 GPS horizon compilation distance export not correctly written
6/25/18 GPS horizon compilation last point has easting writting in northing column
6/13/18 Time slice axes not being redrawn in Gridding menu after running KMZ or ArcGIS output in the Pixel Map menu
6/13/18 DXF gridplot export on UTM grids
6/10/18 Segment displays not working past single profile displays in the Radar 2d menu
6/9/18 Range start/end partial radargram display not showing on new optimize speed option
6/9/18 Hyperbola search scrolling and reverse profiles not displaying properly on new optimize speed option
6/8/18 XY points bullseye not showing on initial picking
6/8/18 Filenames with 2 or more periods not recognized in Horizon and Static menu for output writing
6/5/18 Horizon thickness reporting using velocity from bottom layer and not top
5/27/18 Z scale and net+flat slice in OpenGL not engaged 
5/26/18 Cursor hidden on 2D-Z flat drawing in OpenGL
5/26/18 OpenGL Volume Draw cursor sensitivity not defaulting to a non-zero value
5/24/18 Grid file export to ASCII and Meshlab formats not reading the correct grid identifier
5/24/18 SEGY IBM 32 bit floating point header read error for gps file navigation creation
5/21/18 OpenGL Topo Volume Warp z planes not displaying correcting - bug since May 8, 2018
5/21/18 Split Screen: time slice - radar option not reading the correct radargram folder active in the Radar 2D menu
5/20/18 Horizon displays in OpenGL not showing for no volume assignments
5/17/18 OpenGL Volume display changes to a solid color after changing transform caused by incorrect passing window handle - long time bug
5/17/18 Object drawing not showing up after changing the volume transform in OpenGL Volume Draw menu
5/9/18 Changing binary header lengths for IDS equipment changing by 1 or 2 scans lengths not accounted for
5/8/18 Z-solid glitch showing bottom slice below volume axis
5/7/18 Reset of display list in OpenGl not done after Focus checkbox clicked on
5/7/18 Color and radius for import of XYPoints into OpenGL Volume Draw not being read
5/6/18 First display list for GPS radargrams not being shown - short term bug since May 3
5/5/18 Negative labels in the Pixel Map menu on the y axis draw overlapping the tick marks for high resolution screens
5/4/18 Array to Nav button for 2 point GPS navigation files now working for certain total distances
5/3/18 Topo select file menu not finding *.grd grid extension or topo1.grd with append identifiers for low pass filtered topography
4/28/18 Color blending placed back into OpenGL GPS radargrams
4/28/18 Customized line/radargram cutting in OpenGL Volume Draw menu not accounting for trace header length
4/24/18 Culling error on radargram displays in OpenGL for mixing  with transparent isosurfaces
4/24/18 Rectangula object size getting reset in OpenGL XYZ-2D Draw menu
4/23/18 Xscan and Yscan OpenGL Volume planes normals reversed resulting in improper masking with transparency displays.
4/21/18 Outlier pixels near white not translated correctly in bitmap overlay in OpenGL
4/21/18 Change in default font size for 4k screens caused overwriting time slice label locations
4/16/18 Speed plotting of spectra radargram not using default grayscale and linear transform
4/14/18 Optimize speed radargram displays not compressing bitmap correctly
4/13/18 Hyperbola cursor not showing after test migration if speed optimization engaged
4/13/18 Time/depth window label options not being used removed from Option menu.
4/11/18 32 bit radargram and time slices new optimized speed not displaying correctly
4/11/18 UTM/Lat Long radio button not engaged in the conversion of 3D volume to various plane extracts
4/8/18 Radargran transform menu action on lo-cut/hi-cut settings delayed for super long radargrams
4/4/18 XYpointss bullseye dots not appearing if lauch of window is made before the radar graphic dialog is completely drawn
3/29/18 Warning for OpenGL radar displays is the skip scans setting is greater than 5 for total scans less than 10000
3/26/18 OpenGL bitmap overlay not showing unless the GetMap button clicked on
3/26/18 Direct compilation 3D volume (multichannel) not generating square voxel for later display
3/25/18 Default directory option not being written to the surveys.dat file that propagates the Project menu
3/22/18 GSSI *.dzg files with run on lines truncated for UTM conversion of the log files
3/20/18 Vector Help Set button not working properly in direct volume compilation menu
3/18/18 Histogram storage in 16bit volumes not looking at the entire volume to generate histogram/variance values - long term bug
3/16/18 Transform menu leaving open file could cause unpredictable results - long term bug
3/16/18 Vector volume plus menu not converting depth volume min/max to appropriate time min/max
3/16/18 3D interpolation on imported vector data - interpolation weighting no including the z dimension
3/15/18 OpenGL overlay analysis - short term bug from early March
3/15/18 Isosurface volume percent using wrong scaling for non-metric and negative isosurface percent not giving the opposite volume statistic
3/12/18 GPS time lag correction not working if other editing operations done first as UTC time character writing was missing
3/12/18 OpenGL Topo Volume Warp solid displays with some edges unrendered
3/9/18 GPS topo radargrams color pixel blending temporarily removed 
3/8/18 Cursor for GPS radargram object drawing in OpenGL - requires transparency to see through radargrams
3/5/18 Depth label not shut off on radargrams with just time label set in the Options menu
3/4/18 Transparency resets to opaque when storing a object in OpenGL Volume Draw
3/2/18 Addition of 64 bit volumes with blank regions error in min/max
2/28/18 Bitmap overlay z position not synced to the OpenGL Volume, new definition of z position set to depth axis 
2/27/18 GPS quality 4 - RTK fixed and GPS quality 5 - RTK fload were interchanged
2/26/18 RadCut option not working for 64 bit volumes 
2/26/18 New RadCut option in OpenGL menus, number of navigation tags written to extracted radar cuts
2/25/18 OpenGL XYZ-2D menu x mouse limited movement for partially minimized screen
2/24/18 Get Yaw coordinate rotations
2/20/18 Black/white pixel misrepresentation on bitmap import in OpenGL
2/20/18 Negative scan numbers on GPS for Mira not removed from navigation file
2/20/18 64 bit floating point volume addition not working
2/19/18 GSSI DZG2 to UTM format not working
2/19/18 Decimal labeling on range axes in OpenGL not showing not working and fixed at 0 decimals
2/17/18 Grid HelpSet button change to a dialog callback and not a button callback to avoid potential errors
2/16/18 OpenGL xyz-2d menu zscan cursor not syncing to clicked location and real time location
2/15/18  Vector radargrams in OpenGL not scaling right
2/15/18 Transparency for sitemap.bmp shows fuzzy areas where close to blank/white pixels exist
2/12/18 Direct pulse radar compilation menu profile insertions off by one cell causing rap around effect on first plane
2/8/18 Direct pulse compilation menu for single channel equipment inadvertantly trying to read multichannel calibration file
2/2/18 Information file shift and rotation option not using double precision floating point.

University educational license - update - June 9, 2018
GPRSIM v3.0 (c) 

Subscribers download:

GPRSIM v3.0 - Update - June 11, 2018
GPRSIM v3.0 - Manual - April 4, 2017
GPRSIM v3.0 (c)  

Ground Penetrating Radar Simulation Software

Export of 32 bit simulation radargrams added to the Display menu (5/18/16).  Rectangle target added to Draw Model menu (11/19/15).  Import of 32 bit radargrams for extraction of simulated transmit impulse response function from the raw radargram added to the Impulse menu (3/17/15). 

Bug Fixes:
11/7/17 Polarity display of the replicate impulse response function on top the simulation and the color legend plotted upside down
12/12/17 Autoinserting a layer structure had a fill point to far below the top surface, and thus not allowing for thin layers on the order of 1 or 2 cells thick to be generated



Supplemental Operation Manuals:

Supplmental Manual for Importing and Displaying EM Data with GPR-SLICE Software
GPR-SLICE Mala *rd6 multiplexed radargram processing outline
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