GPR-SLICE imaging of concrete structures with post tension cables and rebar.

GPR imagery of a frozen lakebed bottom reflection measured using a GPR drone system. The antenna is a Radarteam AB Sweden ( subecho 70MHz that can stack 32000 scans/second. The heavy duty drone system is manufactuered by SPH-Engineering in Latvia ( The lakebed is mapped detected in the GPR-SLICE Horizon menu and gridded to show ontop of a Goggle Earth map

GPR-SLICE survey of a mound using real time topographic warping of radargrams,  topo depth slices and topo warped isosurfaces.

OpenGL Volume Draw menus can have utilities drawn in the 3D and exported to DXF  for import to AutoCad software.

GPR-SLICE is integrated with every manufacturer for GPS for seamless integration and interpolation across GPR/GPS tracks.

GPR-SLICE survey of the Nutubaru burial mound in Miyazaki, Japan with time slices displayed in shaded color.