Job Opportunity:  PROGRAMMER plus


Must be fluent in OpenGL and have complete programming skills in either C, C++/and or Python

Must be able to read Power Basic for Windows language and convert some modules to 64 bit applications

Graphic skills in Direct X can also be valuable

Strong background in signal processing and interest in geophysical signal processing as well as image processing experience

Development of auto utility mapping and auto image interpretation modules

Work flow will include 30-40 hours/week programming but will include:

    up to 6 hours/week of training software users of GPR-SLICE and providing support

    up to 4 hours/week developing tutorial resources 

    Job will include attending 1-2 exhibits per year to market GPR-SLICE Software 

The location of the workplace can be anywhere and in any country

Please send salary requirements along with a resume that includes examples of code projects that you have worked on to