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GPRSIM v3.0 Software (c1992-)   Ground Penetrating Radar Simulation Software

GPRSIM is a completely interactive 2D forward modelling software designed specifically for ground penetrating radar.

GPRSIM predicts the waveform of microwaves that are reflected, transmitted, refracted AND attenuated across model ground structures. (The complete theoretical details of GPRSIM are published in Geophysics, Goodman D., vol 59-2, p224-232, 1994).

GPRSIM uses advanced 2D ray tracing which is enhanced to include antenna aperture sizes and exact model/structural slope specifications.

History: GPRSIM began development in 1989 and was first coded in Fortran. The software was converted to a dos environment with self contained graphics. The software was redeveloped in a Windows environment and version 2.0 was released
directly by the Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory in 2001. GPRSIM v3.0 was released in early 2006 and has been under continuous development at user requests till 2018.

GPRSIM Software features:

wave attenuation, geometrical spreading
antenna design: receiver/transmitter directional responses
impulse design menu
conductive dissipation, dielectric relaxation EM propagation
wave polarization
mono-static, bi-static simulations
easy model creation and draw menu features including dropdown targets 
migration processing menu
wavetype menu
one click model recall
migration processing menu
GPRSIM Simulation - Pipe in a square trench

GPRSIM v3.0 Software Update - November 10, 2022

3/25/2021    -   New option - replication of airwave on wide angle simulations with 1/dx^2 falloff

1/29/2020    -    Bug Fix -  auto layer not filling in digitized grid in Model Draw menu

New - GPRSim all-in-one installer (USB-key and network licenses) - November 10, 2022 - 10:40 CET

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