GPR-SLICE Software - Multichannel

GPR-SLICE is compatible with all the worldwide multichannel GPR manufacturers including:                                                       
Mala Mira
Impulse Radar Raptor
IDS Stream
3D Radar GeoScope
UTSI Electronics     
GPR-SLICE has complete BlueBox Batch operations with one button click macros from raw data to radar signal processing to final 3D volume.

GPR-SLICE has specialized calibration filters to normalize antenna channels in the case when overall recorded gain changes exist between channels.

GPR-SLICE spectral whitening filters can be used to also balance channels amplitudes across varying frequency bands. 

GPR-SLICE has block gridding volume generation to piecemeal large sites, but then to be able to sythesize large area Zscan surveys from appending blocks back together in OpenGL displays.

Some example of GPR-SLICE imagery from multichannel equipment is shown:


Example of overlay analysis in OpenGL to fully map all the utilties that may be a different levels into a single composite  image

GGPR-SLICE Software Multichannel Addendum Manual - updated November 11, 2021