GPR-SLICE Update - May 24, 2019 - 940am Pacific  

GPR-SLICE Library Update - May 17, 2019 - 140pm Pacific

note:   With multithreading one can speed up radargram signal processing, data conversion, gridding, time 0 editing, and slice binning data processing  by engaging this option and setting the number of logical cores desired to use in the Options menu.  For an average system with 4 or 8 logical cpu cores one can expect nearly 4-8  times speed in processing!     

note: Multithread processing requires the library update as well

GPR-SLICE educational license update - April 25, 2019

New Options

5/22/19 Converting line function to pipes in OpenGL Volume Draw or XYZ-2D menu now allows direct clicking on the desired line to convert without using the section button

5/16/19 Bluebox runs with Edit no longer automatically reset the set gain curve - allowing for a constant gain curve etc to be set for some manufacturers on conversion - specifically for GSSI equipement that have less than 32 bits of gain on 32 bit radargrams and to allow visualization of the ground wave

5/2/19 GSSI legacy DZG GPS format added

4/26/19 OpenGL overlay image not will take any picture format including jpg, png, tif, and do auto conversion to 24 bit bitmap

4/21/19 Warning message box of SEGY equipment when getting header information on samples/scan etc if the recording parameters are not the same between radargrams

4/15/19 Logarithm conversion of import of 3D (ERT) data option added to Import 3D geophysical data menu

4/11/19 Creation of KMZ popup file in Google Earth for 2D GPS radargrams in the Radar 2D menu

4/9/19 Frequency of the maximum amplitude per pulse  peakfreq1.dat file written in the Spectra menu for gridding (to show frequency depressions across a survey site)

4/9/19 Binary 32bit floating point basic format radargram conversion added

4/6/19 3D imported data and 3D interpolation speed enhanced

4/3/19 Color transform setting button opened for OpenGL Volume with gridblock definitions

4/2/19 Color option to set XYpoints picking available in a combobox menu item

3/27/19 Launch of Google Earth kmz files from the Directory icon

3/21/19 US Radar multithread radargram conversion active

3/13/19 Hyperbola transparency display with weakened overlay color checkbox added to Hyperboal Search menu

3/11/19 Multithread processing for Regain 16 bit and 32 bit radargram menus active 

3/7/19 2D time slices labeling adjusted to allow for fractional markers

3/6/19 Beta - 2D Time Slice Composite menu added to Pixel pulldown menu for placing mutli-grid surveys with variable grid densities into a single - origin referenced image - and with the transform menu detecting which grid is clicked on to allow image adjustments (as for mosaic noises)

3/5/19 Animation of overlay imaging in OpenGL Volume made from current zscan going downward with depth

3/3/19 Legacy cylinder and tunnel binary warping of radargram menus adujusted for block writing and optimum speed processing

2/24/19 Z level plane slicing now available in the OpenGL Topo Volume Warp menu with real time topography - eliminating the need to generate a separate corrected topo volume to examine level slices

2/17/19 Reverse of GPS radargrams and navigation files available for GPS zig-zag surveys in Reverse menu

2/6/19 All horizon files renamed with horizon- identifier, also horizonN.dat files which are the sample values of the pulse are not converted to depth for legend displays - user needs to set horizon-depthN.dat or horizon-thickN.dat or horizon-elevN.dat files for correct legend displays for their desired display

2/5/19 Slider bar for radargrams displays in OpenGL Volume opened up

2/4/19 Display lists for grid block operations in OpenGL modified to handled up to 490 blocks

2/2/19 Checkbox added to Options menu to allow real time rotation of time and depth label in OpenGL enabling axis reading at all pitch angles

1/31/19 Filter menu graphics propagated with  menu items found in the Radar 2D for complete customized displays during filtering operations

1/30/19 Multithread processing checkbox added to Radar Edit menu

1/29/19 RSP Batch button for multithread processing opened up

1/29/19 Export of XYpoints with Lat/Long button added to menu for GPS anomaly picking in UTM

1/28/19 Multithread processing for SEGY conversion, including RadarTeam and Zond equipment added to suite of MT operations

1/25/19 Mala Dual Frequency equipment type added to make easier creation of channel 2 GPS

1/24/19 Option in the Pixel Map menu (and Radar 2D menu) to auto skip checkboxes for displaying a series of time slices - useful for large datasets such as those made by extracting from a 3D volume and to quickly look at every Nth map.    Associated shift button added.

1/24/19 Redisplay BMP option added to the Grid2D listbox in OpenGL to quickly get an overlay georeference bitmap on the screen

1/16/19 Impulse Radar Raptor user mark identity added to converted radargrams

1/13/19 Separate V7 work folder written to handle multithread log file testing

1/4/19 IDS multichannel append identifier for data import allows infochannels and infomain generation in the Create New Info menu

1/3/19 Display list rendering economy used for OpenGL Topo Volume Warp rendering to allow for larger volumes

1/1/19 Custom setting of the number of cores desired to use for multithreading set in the Options menu - value should be equal to or less than the number of cores available on the computer - default is 4.


Bug Fixes

5/24/19 DXF conversion of UTM drawn pipe object potential outside the UTM dxf on rotation

5/17/19 Multithread migration potential gaining problem when range unit was not the same as depth unit chosen

5/16/19 RSP batch button with multithread on stop operations button if radar folder not set first

5/16/19 Bluebox with regular non-MT processing and migration prompt engaged, shuts off after migration

5/15/19 Null data on extraction of a 64bit imported volume to grid files and to *.xyzirgb format not zeroed out

5/14/19 XYpoints on deleting a point in the spreadsheet dialog not updating new chosen points

5/13/19 XYpoints file import to OpenGL Volume Draw not maintaining the object color between different line inputs

5/11/19 Gridlines and gridnodes not displaying properly in OpenGL Volume or the Pixel Map menu since a 3/7/19 update

5/3/19 Potential memory fault in Regain 16 and 32 bit menu

5/3/19 BMP image overlay and XYZ-2D menu not working with step+/- buttons

5/1/19 Info georeference button not working for a specific quadrant rotation

4/24/19 LL to UTM (Lat/Lon) button in the Edit Info File menu for an info file written in lat/long not converting properly

4/18/19 Inadvertant prompt for spectra+gain settings when running RSP Batch button manually in the Filter menu on MT

4/18/19 Scrollbars not shown completely in Hyperbola Search menu or the GPS track menu if plot scale is increased

4/17/19 Import of 3D geophysical data, absolute elevation versus relative depth setting made opposide

4/17/19 Export of depth volume (imported 3D geophysical data) isosurface scaling incorrect

4/10/19 Flag for overlay of sitemap.bmp during gridding causing file conflict

4/9/19 Vector_survey_information.dat not reading in file correctly and projecting

4/6/19 Import of vector_survey_user_set.dat file not reading in double precision floating point numbers

4/4/19 GeoReferencing an info file in the Edit Info File menu 

4/2/19 V-xm transform button not working in OpenGL Topo Volume Warp menu

4/2/19 Bitmap topowarping disabled

3/29/19 Section and Delete button in OpenGL Volume Draw menu reverting back to section one after delete

3/27/19 Second virtual screen not being recongized if second monitor placed vertically

3/27/19 Georeferencing of first line in an information option not working for all quadrants

3/27/19 Depth label overlapping numbers in radargram displays

3/26/19 SEGY initial filtering of bad GPS points

3/21/19 XYpoints point number labels not show in menu for GPS picking

3/20/19 Bitmap overlays in OpenGL not showing bottom Zscans due to minimum perspective setting on 2D Z flat drawing

3/20/19 Horizon menu  inadvertantly left out - 2 day bug

3/20/19 Cursor movement in OpenGL XYZ-2D menu not looking at client window size

3/16/19 OpenGL XYZ-2D menu, zscan display shown bottom to top on z-slider bar

3/15/19 Overlay animation in OpenGL Volume not creating the animation list correctly and animation not stopping

3/15/19 Unnecessary and incorrect message box appearing on BlueBox run with the Reverse menu engaged

3/14/19 Export of 32 bit DZT to original manufacturers format missing one header length of radargrams in the Filter menu

3/12/19 Null data infiltrating horizon compilation on topographic radargrams

3/8/19 Labeling in OpenGL since addition of new options for fractional tick marks - one day bug

3/8/19 GSSI GET TS button not checking for different samples/scan or time windows

3/8/19 Wobble length graphic on pulse not updating in Convert menu

3/7/19 Time slice auto labeling not correct for different grid sizes - half day bug from new option for fractional tick spacking

3/7/19 first x and y grid line not being shown with focus checkbox on in the Pixel Map menu

2/26/19 Extra radargram display gain in the OpenGL set in the R-xm menu, clipping negative pulses with too much gain added

2/26/19 Depth to Zmax in Pixel Map menu renamed to Time to Max Amplitude and time instead of grid # is written to the time-max1.grd file

2/26/19 Checkbox on zig-zag multichannel surveys not opening for x or y surveys on initial launch of Create New Info menu

2/24/19 Manual clicking of the RSP Batch button not assigning correct input folder with multithreading on

2/21/19 Mala DualFrequency  creation of channel 2 info2.dat not generated properly

2/20/19 Topo radargrams allowed to be converted to depth radargrams moved to a different folder

2/20/19 Extraneous *.bmp files written for jpg animations in Pixel Map menu removed

2/20/19 Reverse of GPS radargrams not placing marker information reversed - 3 day bug for new option

2/19/19 GPS all tracks display list not identified correctly in OpenGL Volume

2/18/19 Overlay of horizon profiles on Radar 2D radargrams not syncing with custom adjustments of the depth sample

2/16/19 Migration not working for GPS radargrams for non multithread processing since December 22

2/13/19 Staggering for gridding not working in Multithread application

2/13/19 Updating velocity real time does not take the velocity in the Pixel Map menu if the menu is still open

2/5/19 Pixel blending for OpenGL Volume GPS radargrams not updating display lists correctly - 3 day bug

2/5/19 Compiling horizons, horz-elevN.dat file for horz-elev2.dat not copied to hoz-elev1.dat for default file recognition