GPR-SLICE Update - March 30, 2020 - 955pm Pacific  

GPR-SLICE Library Update - March 28, 2020 - 1045am Pacific

note:   With multithreading one can speed up radargram signal processing, data conversion, gridding, time 0 editing, and slice binning data processing  by engaging this option and setting the number of logical cores desired to use in the Options menu.  For an average system with 4 or 8 logical cpu cores one can expect nearly 4-8  times speed in processing!     

note: Multithread processing requires the library update as well

GPR-SLICE educational license update:

note:  This will be the last update for the educational license as this option is being discontinued.

New Options

3/28/20 Improved mouse action on gridblock datasets with further curson sensitivity controls in addition to arrow controls on placing the drawing cursor and pgup/pgdn for alternative movement of zscans

3/28/20 Gridblock project conversion to *.xyzirgb and *.las/*.laz point cloud format added to 3D Volume pulldown menu

3/25/20 Import of external 3D geophysical data menu includes a scale factor multiplier option

3/24/20 3D volume min/max for 3D radargram direct compilation now looks at min/max of matrix data and not relegated to the binary resolution of the recorded radargrams.

3/22/20 Angle density  item added to the Filter 3D migration menu to allow the user to set the angle junctures around the 3D hyperboloid for migration for customized resolution and speed of processing 

3/22/20 Additional overall speed improvements of up to 10%  on radargram filters and processes 

3/22/20 Improvement on 3D migration volume size (<=500mb)  that can be processed and additional speed improvements

3/16/20 3D and 2.5D migration is now  20-50 times faster with source code redevelopment

3/13/20 Negative Z isosurface export file for DXF added to OpenGL Volume

3/13/20 Master.gps format changed to time (UTC), x,y,z from previous time (UTC),y,x,z for GPS post processing operations in the track menu

3/2/20 Improved mouse action speed on editing horizons on super long radargrams > 100k scans

3/1/20 Impulse Radar PinPointR and Crossover format and Bluebox operations added

2/22/20 DXF minus button placed back into OpenGL Volume Draw menu

2/22/20 Composite Pixel Map displays now support overlap on white white pixels

2/20/20 Y sample end of radargrams added to Horizon menu to allow truncation of displays

2/20/20 Right mouse click with active drawn object now will delete the nearest drawn object in OpenGL Draw for easier editing

2/12/20 Sensors and Software *.gfp data version 1.2.0 format read added to Create New Info menu for auto infoxy.dat generation

2/5/20 GPS volumes now synced to GPS radargrams on the R-Sync button available in OpenGL XYZ-2D menu

1/31/20 OpenGL Topo Volume Warp menu now places topo into exported DXF file

1/30/20 Impulse Radar Pinpoint *.cor file format added for GPS log file conversion

1/29/20 Legend font size menu item added to Options menu

1/15/20 British National Grid conversion from WGS84 lat./long added to Create New Info menu and GPS Track menu

1/14/20 TSPoints anomaly labeled with point #                                                                                                                                                                       

Bug Fixes

3/30/20 OpenGL display of GPS radargrams not using pixel blending properly and display issue seen on low scan radargrams

3/30/20 Horizon statistic in OpenGL not incorporating the time 0 sample

3/29/20 Multiple bitmap overlays in OpenGL not allowing removal of bitmaps one placed into the volume

3/28/20 Migration of vector projects not working properly for data with z elevation changes

3/28/20 Line objects not showing with focusd draw in OpenGL Volume Draw with gridblock data

3/24/20 Surfer export format on depth threshold maps not working correctly

3/24/20 Mouse action on drawing a gain curve in Spectra menu not working well

3/17/20 Overlay analysis on large topo volume leaving leftover display list on screen

3/17/20 Potential for 2D grid listbox dimension to be out of bounds on exporting topography adjusted zscans

3/13/20 3D Radar filename formats with extra characters before the *.vol extension not being handled correctly for all GPS file version 

3/11/20 Blanks in filenames for UTSI equipment causes issues in reading GPS nav files

3/10/20 Plot shift on running migration test in Hyperbola Search menu

3/10/20 Developer version accidentally loaded to website with error trapping

3/7/20 Truncate samples/scans in the Radar Edit menu not making copies of the edited radargrams to the \work\ folder for additional editing operations if needed.

3/4/20 Depth only left hand label on radargrams not working

3/2/20 Reset to  November 16, 2018 to Zond GPS segy format 

2/29/20 Import of "vector_survey_information.datat" file in the Create New Info File menu not setting normal vector properly

2/27/20 Compilation of hyperbola data for the bridgedeck module not working since a December update adding an extra column

2/27/20 Horizon menu "draw" button for manual insertion of horizon not set properly with new y end sample display length 

2/26/20 Import of 3D geophysical data file and interpolation process using the incorrect pointer

2/23/20  Rectangle drawing height no being initially set correctly in OpenGL Volume Draw menu

2/23/20 New option for overlap composite time slice menu not reading black background graphics option

2/22/20 OpenGL Volume Draw reset button not blanking out object label names

2/20/20 Export animation application gprslice-animations.exe DPI windows settings engaged 

2/19/20 Focus drawing from individual grid from larger gridblock data - section delete buttons not working properly

2/10/20 Core file not showing in the Horizon menu from an update made late last year

2/10/20 OpenGL XYZ-2D menu Zscan not being drawn at actual depth even in 2D projection

2/8/20 GPS track not showing continuously during R-sync OpenGL XYZ-2D operations

2/6/20 Hyperbola Search action on the hyperbola movement not working on the bottom part of the profile

2/6/20 KMZ buttons not removed from OpenGL XYZ-2D menu

2/6/20 New option for OpenGL XYZ-2D radargram syncing not allowing zscan slider bar use after dialog exit and radargram dir

2/4/20 Delete < precision in GPS track menu not working properly 

2/4/20 Surfer grid export null data not identified correctly from an update last year

2/3/20 OpenGL Volume Draw dxf export - not workingt since a January 31, 2020 update

2/3/20 Power spectra and freq at peak amplitude ascii output files for each individual pulse in the radargram not correcting for padded FFT scan length

1/30/20 Button size adjustment added to animation menu and export animation application

1/30/20 Average spectra output file not correcting for padded FFT scan length to write the frequency column

1/27/20 Cosmetic bug of launch menu not refreshing on running multithread processes

1/26/20 Composite time slice menu not exporting Google Earth kmz files correctly with KMZ border checkbox off

1/23/20 Compositite time slice menu deprecated to March 5, 2019 version for running

1/7/20 SEGY format 1 - IBM 32 floating point format not converted properly

1/6/20 XYZ to NAV not reading the meridian and hemisphere settings

1/1/20 SEG2 conversion not working