GPR-SLICE Update - February 20, 2020 - 1125pm Pacific  

GPR-SLICE Library Update - February 20, 2020 - 628pm Pacific

note:   With multithreading one can speed up radargram signal processing, data conversion, gridding, time 0 editing, and slice binning data processing  by engaging this option and setting the number of logical cores desired to use in the Options menu.  For an average system with 4 or 8 logical cpu cores one can expect nearly 4-8  times speed in processing!     

note: Multithread processing requires the library update as well

GPR-SLICE educational license update:

note:  This will be the last update for the educational license as this option is being discontinued.

New Options

2/20/20 Y sample end of radargrams added to Horizon menu to allow truncation of displays

2/20/20 Right mouse click with active drawn object now will delete the nearest drawn object in OpenGL Draw for easier editing

2/12/20 Sensors and Software *.gfp data version 1.2.0 format read added to Create New Info menu for auto infoxy.dat generation

2/5/20 GPS volumes now synced to GPS radargrams on the R-Sync button available in OpenGL XYZ-2D menu

1/31/20 OpenGL Topo Volume Warp menu now places topo into exported DXF file

1/30/20 Impulse Radar Pinpoint *.cor file format added for GPS log file conversion

1/29/20 Legend font size menu item added to Options menu

1/15/20 British National Grid conversion from WGS84 lat./long added to Create New Info menu and GPS Track menu

1/14/20 TSPoints anomaly labeled with point #                                                                                                                                                                       

Bug Fixes

2/20/20 Export animation application gprslice-animations.exe DPI windows settings engaged 

2/19/20 Focus drawing from individual grid from larger gridblock data - section delete buttons not working properly

2/10/20 Core file not showing in the Horizon menu from an update made late last year

2/10/20 OpenGL XYZ-2D menu Zscan not being drawn at actual depth even in 2D projection

2/8/20 GPS track not showing continuously during R-sync OpenGL XYZ-2D operations

2/6/20 Hyperbola Search action on the hyperbola movement not working on the bottom part of the profile

2/6/20 KMZ buttons not removed from OpenGL XYZ-2D menu

2/6/20 New option for OpenGL XYZ-2D radargram syncing not allowing zscan slider bar use after dialog exit and radargram dir

2/4/20 Delete < precision in GPS track menu not working properly 

2/4/20 Surfer grid export null data not identified correctly from an update last year

2/3/20 OpenGL Volume Draw dxf export - not workingt since a January 31, 2020 update

2/3/20 Power spectra and freq at peak amplitude ascii output files for each individual pulse in the radargram not correcting for padded FFT scan length

1/30/20 Button size adjustment added to animation menu and export animation application

1/30/20 Average spectra output file not correcting for padded FFT scan length to write the frequency column

1/27/20 Cosmetic bug of launch menu not refreshing on running multithread processes

1/26/20 Composite time slice menu not exporting Google Earth kmz files correctly with KMZ border checkbox off

1/23/20 Compositite time slice menu deprecated to March 5, 2019 version for running

1/7/20 SEGY format 1 - IBM 32 floating point format not converted properly

1/6/20 XYZ to NAV not reading the meridian and hemisphere settings

1/1/20 SEG2 conversion not working