GPR-SLICE Update - October 17, 2018 - 200pm Pacific

New Options

10/17/18 3D volume filtering operations now recognize gridblock designation for batch volume filtering

10/15/18 Google KMZ buttons in OpenGL now also make ArcGIS *.PGW/*BPW output simultaneously - buttons renamed to Georef KMZ+PGW and Georef KMZ+BPW Batch

10/11/18 Gridblock operations now account for block overlap settings in OpenGL Volume + gridblock compositing displays

10/9/18 GPS quality factor 4-RTK Fixed  redefined as better than 5-RTK Float for filtering in the GPS track menu and for slice/xyz time slice compilation

10/6/18 Blankgridblocks.dat file detailing survey grid blocks automatically generated before 3D radargram compilation should the file not have been generated manually by clicking the ShowBlocks button

9/28/18 Beta OpenGL Volume displays of compiled gridblocks into a single Zscan image using new gridblock designation file set on the 3D Volume pulldown menu - can allow for significantly large areas being rendered and for object drawing  (only available for Zscan displays currently and not available for x,y or rotate xy, z-solid or isosurface displays)

9/24/18 Scan start/end setting in running auto horizon detection option allowing for partial detections

9/17/18 Filtered original NMEA string file via the gpsquality-hdop-nsatellites option available in the Edit Info File menu

9/16/18 300% scaling option added to Pixel Map and Radar2D menus

9/12/18 Additionl ASCII file called Export XYPoints.dat file written with XYPoints adjusted for the active topography grid file

9/8/18 Option to show the topography grid in regular OpenGL when a topo corrected volume is active for level plane slices

9/6/18 Dip limited migration for diffraction Stacking and Kirchoff migration for improved migration in shallow areas

Bug Fixes


10/11/18 BlueBox multichannel not compiling the last processed folder to 3D volume - bug since Oct 5

10/10/18 GPS UTM zone not being saved after running GPS log file generations - bug since UTM zone menu item added for georeferencing the information file

10/10/18 block gridding file information  now rewritten each time automatically on compilation in 3D radargram volume menu

10/8/18 Vector generation on XYZ to Nav in the Edit Info File menu for XY normal directions not closing files properly causing incorrect tabulations

10/6/18 Dip limited migration for GPS files not reading correct information for total range on the profile for computing dip angles

10/5/18 Hyperbola search for GPS radargram not showing in menu with optimize speed display active

10/5/18 Copy Opera Duo/Leica D2000 channel 1 GPS to channel2 GPS not working for append name added to file

10/4/18 Static horizon detection on batch with new option of scan start/end not automatically setting to maximum number of scans

10/2/18 Migration radargram display with optimize speed active

10/2/18 Gridblock drawing ontop of Zscan not working

9/25/18 Radar editing signal threshold not able to set in the menu unless operations run - also new projects will not reset this value

9/24/18 Spectra+Gain menu not showing the radargram display from a recent update on 9/23

9/24/18 Antenna blending under the Filter Analystics menu not working properly with Optimize speed plotting engaged

9/22/18 Software update url not pointing to new website

9/19/18 Regain menu showing non-gained pulse comparsion with gain

9/19/18 Mosaic Correction menu addition of gain creates null data location for converted pulse volumes with EZ- identifiers

9/12/18 Topo+tilt corrected 32 bit radargrams not tagging null data