GPR-SLICE Update - July 2, 2020 - 1131am Pacific  

GPR-SLICE Library Update - June 17, 2020 - 1007am Pacific

New Options

7/2/20 World files in the Pixel Map menu exported in local coordinates and not WGS84

6/28/20 Terminate processing button for cleaner BlueBox Batch operation cancellation added

6/28/20 Horizon-depthN.grd gridded horizon depth grids based on the velocity used during compilation can now be shown in OpenGL, along with HorizonN.grd files which are the sample number of the horizon detected on the radargrams

6/17/20 3D migration of 32 bit volumes available

6/12/20 Auto read on the Offset File button in the Create New Info menu for the Mala Mira multichannel equipment

6/10/20 Overlay of the Relative-Weakest-Reflector added to the OpenGL and Pixel Map menus

6/10/20 Impulse Radar Crossover/PinpointR single baseline auto info file generation added  to Create New Info menu

6/9/20 Orthographic correction on bitmap overlay added backing OpenGL menu

6/4/20 32 bit volume export options available on 3D Volume pulldown menu

6/1/20 Older raster menus, Show Example, Spectra+Gain converted  vector graphics

5/28/20 New GPS scale option to show labeling every constant number of scans - and bypassing the  tagged scans

5/27/20 Scan scale option added to the top of 2D  radargram labeling for regular and GPS profiles, set in the Options menu

5/26/20 Pipe turning juncture option for L to P (line to pipe conversion) added to OpenGL Volume Draw menu

5/23/20 Improved graphic memory for OpenGL by only reading in planes into a 3D color volume and not first into a data array

5/21/20 Full 32 bit integer 3D multichannel -3D direct radar volume generation (beta - not yet available for gridblock projects)

5/20/20 PinPointR and CrossOver Impulse Radar equipment survey wheel reads added to Edit Info File menu

5/14/20 Mala Mira HDR *.rd7 multichannel format added

5/4/20 Multithread grid filtering/smoothing operations available 

5/4/20 Augmented display option 2 in OpenGL following the data outline below the ground imagery

5/1/20 Augmented display option in OpenGL with a sitemap/google map showing the volume below the ground imagery

5/1/20 - Warning message on entering the Radar Edit menu if \radar\ folder radargrams do not have marker detected - i.e navigation applied

4/29/20 2d Time Slice Gridblock menu - for splicing all the 3D binary volumes from a gridblock dataset into comprehensive 2d time slice

4/20/20 KMZ/KML files can now be created even though a coordinate system other than UTM-Universial Transverse Mercator is active in the GPS Track menu, Pixel Map menu and OpenGL

4/19/20 Increased speed in exporting volume data to *.xyzirgb and *.xyzg ascii formats; 2-3 times speed increase in writing ascii time slices

4/15/20 Overlay analysis in the Pixel Map menu now writes out all overlay segments to individual grid files for complete viewing and also uses bitmap stretching for smoother displays

4/15/20 Conversion of 3D volume adjusted for topography for the *.xyzirgb format added onto the 3D Volume pulldown main menu identified as *.xydirgb 

4/14/20 DXF files with elevation,depth labels, and alternate depth labeling written as ",d" added to OpenGL Topo Volume Warp

4/13/20 Conversion of WGS84 lat long to British National Grid OSGB36 using the OSTN36 lookup tables and associated transformations for the most accurate coordinate transformation in the GPS Track menu - in addition GPS track menu revamped with a combobox for coordinate conversion designation - replacing the location in the Create New Info menu

4/11/20 Proceq project folder opens up on the \raw\ folder with *.csv extension files for easier import of the information file

4/10/20 OpenGL Topo Volume Warp menu for gridblocks dataset for topography are also made placed in the Static pulldown menu

4/9/20 Mala GPS format upgraded to represent GPS quality assignment to replace HDOP in the *.cor files

4/8/20 Display lists used in piecemealing isosurface displays to allow for large volume rendering

4/4/20 XZ vector variable profile import added to XYZtoNAV button to automatically make vectors on XZ profiles such as tunnels that are not circular but have unique shapes

3/31/20 New Radar 2D menu option to show up to 3 information file radargrams with different samples/scan and time windows

3/28/20 Improved mouse action on gridblock datasets with further curson sensitivity controls in addition to arrow controls on placing the drawing cursor and pgup/pgdn for alternative movement of zscans

3/28/20 Gridblock project conversion to *.xyzirgb and *.las/*.laz point cloud format added to 3D Volume pulldown menu

3/25/20 Import of external 3D geophysical data menu includes a scale factor multiplier option

3/24/20 3D volume min/max for 3D radargram direct compilation now looks at min/max of matrix data and not relegated to the binary resolution of the recorded radargrams.

3/22/20 Angle density  item added to the Filter 3D migration menu to allow the user to set the angle junctures around the 3D hyperboloid for migration for customized resolution and speed of processing 

3/22/20 Additional overall speed improvements of up to 10%  on radargram filters and processes 

3/22/20 Improvement on 3D migration volume size (<=500mb)  that can be processed and additional speed improvements

3/16/20 3D and 2.5D migration is now  20-50 times faster with source code redevelopment

3/13/20 Negative Z isosurface export file for DXF added to OpenGL Volume

3/13/20 Master.gps format changed to time (UTC), x,y,z from previous time (UTC),y,x,z for GPS post processing operations in the track menu

3/2/20 Improved mouse action speed on editing horizons on super long radargrams > 100k scans

3/1/20 Impulse Radar PinPointR and Crossover format and Bluebox operations added

2/22/20 DXF minus button placed back into OpenGL Volume Draw menu

2/22/20 Composite Pixel Map displays now support overlap on white white pixels

2/20/20 Y sample end of radargrams added to Horizon menu to allow truncation of displays

2/20/20 Right mouse click with active drawn object now will delete the nearest drawn object in OpenGL Draw for easier editing

2/12/20 Sensors and Software *.gfp data version 1.2.0 format read added to Create New Info menu for auto infoxy.dat generation

2/5/20 GPS volumes now synced to GPS radargrams on the R-Sync button available in OpenGL XYZ-2D menu                                                                                                                                                             

Bug Fixes

6/29/20 Bluebox menus not remembering settings unless batch run completed

6/27/20 Horizon erase function and horizon solid displays not working for erased portions of horizons

6/24/20 Extra comma in combobox control for Select Topo File causing issues with Win 7 computers only

6/19/20 Horizon export files positioning off by the distance of 1 scan

6/19/20 Recompile horizon button not working

6/17/20 Redraw of XYpoints in the Radar 2D menu not showing correctly on reverse files 

6/17/20 Migration spherical spreading function not correct for 2D velocity profile models - constant velocity models working correctly

6/17/20 Rectangle object height not scaled properly and incorrect in DXF export files

6/17/20 Line drawing in OpenGL causing crash on DXF export as length for sphere displays incorrectly set - short term bug

6/15/20 Migration effects on edges of radargrams from half hyperbola aperture not properly being weighted

6/11/20 Hilbert 3D clipped data being written as null data

6/8/20 Error trapping for developmental purposes accidentally left in on a 6/7/20 update 

6/5/20 OpenGL XYZ-2D labeling density

6/4/20 Zig-zag multichannel infochannels writing incorrect for all equipment

6/3/20 DXF export in the Pixel Map menu temporarily placed back in the menu

6/3/20 Leftover developer message code left in software when reporting errors in the number of scans being less then the number of markers

6/2/20 64 bit volume display in OpenGL not working since a late May update

6/1/20 Rev Info button not working correcting

6/1/20 Migration aperture setting not working properly with left and right arrow keys 

6/1/20 Plots sizes inside Hyperbola Search menu, not matching test migration plot sizes 

5/30/20 Radar 2d+2d+2d menu memory error when the velocity profile is not synced to the largest samples/scan among the possible 3 different info files - constant velocity depth conversion is only available for multiple radar dual/freq displays 

5/30/20 New scan scale not shutting off

5/29/20 Caltrans Standard removed from Horizon menu

5/29/20 Time label overwriting descriptor

5/26/20 Gridblock edges with several missing cells caused by an April 10 update

5/25/20 Vector projects not showing correct graphical displays of pipe objects in OpenGL

5/22/20 Portions of null radargrams on radar editing in multithread processing causing 0 sample detection

5/20/20 New options for boxcar smoothing sample start/end not added to multithread

5/20/20 Mala user marks not being translated into the *.rd7 32 bit file headers

5/17/20 Threadsafe issues on opening the GPS Track menu while the Edit Info File menu is opened

5/12/20 New gridblock 2d time slice menu  not reading correct values from the global 3d gridblock volume transform 

5/12/20 New test for navigation not working on GPS dataset properly on launch Radar Edit menu

5/11/20 Vector voluming generation zscan filling off  by one value causing a read outside the available binary data

5/10/20 Focus checkbox causing a crash on being unchecke; HelpSet button removed and included in the Focus checkbox

5/6/20 New gridblock pixel map menu showing black null areas in kmz exports

5/5/20 OpenGL XYZ-2D drawing rectangles and xy line location hidden behind Zscan 

5/1/20 Test code message left in launch of OpenGL XYZ-2D menu

4/28/20 Potential crash in the Horizon menu for a GPS radargram where the navigation/info file are not synced

4/28/20 Z offset not being applied to the infochannels.dat file on creation in the Create New Info menu

4/28/20 Depth threshold line display option reading 0 velocity on velocity models with constant or profile

4/27/20 C.overlay button removed as it is replaced by the Depth Threshold operation in the Pixel Map menu; other unused buttons removed

4/26/20 Overlay animations in Pixel Map menu not creating the correct frame start

4/23/20 OpenGL crash when clicking the step+ button 

4/23/20 OpenGL xyz-2d menu opening drawing objects file even though the draw menu not active

4/23/20 World files and KMZ files not cropping time slice images properly

4/21/20 Extract zscans to 2d grid format for gridblock data not working properly

4/21/20 Image cropping not working properly for multiple time slice  displays

4/20/20 OpenGL Topo Volume Warp with gridblock showing some larger seams between blocks

4/20/20 OpenGL xyz-2d x axes labeling on z-scan not looking at the label frequency auto setting, line drawing now showing on the zscan and flickering of border plot 

4/20/20 OpenGL Topo Volume Warp not finding active topography grid file

4/18/20 Overlay time slice header labeling incorrect

4/17/20 Level plane time slice in OpenGL Topo Volume Warp leaving leftover display lists for large volumes

4/17/20 Select topo file menu not working when gridblock menu values active

4/17/20 Extracted topo adjusted volume zscans not showing time/depth labeling in the Pixel Map menu

4/16/20 Message box warning topography grid not active not placed in the XYZIRGB+topo export menu

4/14/20 Potential OpenGL overlay issues with Mac/Apple running parallels

4/13/20 Slice/Resampling Bluebox inactive code removed

4/13/20 GPS NMEA string and Coordinate system comboboxes not remembering settings if buttons not clicked

4/9/20 Test code left in OpenGL Volume Draw menu

4/8/20 Automatic marker labeling not working optimally in the OpenGL XYZ-2D menu

4/6/20 GPS radargram navigation error from update made on 4/5/20 for new multi information profile menu

4/5/20 New option for GPS dual frequency radargram displays not working

4/4/20 OpenGL Volume Draw menu volume shifted to right since the left graphic menu windows units not being accounted for

4/3/20 Multichannel singel swath compilation missing the last channel in the volume

4/3/20 Single rectangular multichannel swath volume display of axis labeling showing extraneous data 

4/2/20 Rectangle object vertical scale starts out of scale in the vertical

4/1/20 Line dots not automatically rendered in OpenGL Volume Draw menu - especially important to shut off rendering for super large utility projects to save graphic memory

3/30/20 OpenGL display of GPS radargrams not using pixel blending properly and display issue seen on low scan radargrams

3/30/20 Horizon statistic in OpenGL not incorporating the time 0 sample

3/29/20 Multiple bitmap overlays in OpenGL not allowing removal of bitmaps one placed into the volume

3/28/20 Migration of vector projects not working properly for data with z elevation changes

3/28/20 Line objects not showing with focusd draw in OpenGL Volume Draw with gridblock data

3/24/20 Surfer export format on depth threshold maps not working correctly

3/24/20 Mouse action on drawing a gain curve in Spectra menu not working well

3/17/20 Overlay analysis on large topo volume leaving leftover display list on screen

3/17/20 Potential for 2D grid listbox dimension to be out of bounds on exporting topography adjusted zscans

3/13/20 3D Radar filename formats with extra characters before the *.vol extension not being handled correctly for all GPS file version 

3/11/20 Blanks in filenames for UTSI equipment causes issues in reading GPS nav files

3/10/20 Plot shift on running migration test in Hyperbola Search menu

3/10/20 Developer version accidentally loaded to website with error trapping

3/7/20 Truncate samples/scans in the Radar Edit menu not making copies of the edited radargrams to the \work\ folder for additional editing operations if needed.

3/4/20 Depth only left hand label on radargrams not working

3/2/20 Reset to  November 16, 2018 to Zond GPS segy format