GPR-SLICE Update -  July 28, 2021 - 734am Pacific  

GPR-SLICE Library Update -  March 30, 2021 - 1025am Pacific

New Options


7/20/21 US Radar version 5 GPS/TS log file format added

7/15/21 Improvement of GPS filter on endpoints

7/13/21 Scan 0 forced to scan 1 in import of customizable navigation files on the XYZ to NAV button in the Edit Info File menu

7/11/21 Save All and Save From buttons renamed in the Pixel Transform menu to Copy to All and Copy From to avoid confusion in resetting all transforms to the active transform

7/4/21 Impulse Radar Crossover and PinpointR total station format added

6/23/21 Comprehensive export file for hyperbola detection written to the \dat\ folder

6/23/21 X and Y buttons in OpenGL programmed for overlay operations

6/11/21 US Radar total station format addeded to Edit Info File menu

6/9/21 Reporting of profile at which UTM zone changes (or bad GPS) are detected 

5/31/21 Longitudinal tunnel surveys made on the inside or outside option added to Vector menu

5/18/21 Proceq Nav button renamed Proceq Nav Line to distinguish from Proceq Nav Area button

5/17/21 Vector columns in navigation files can be multiplied in the GPS track menu - e.g. to give the reverse projection etc

5/16/21 Vector horizon profile displays available in OpenGL via the horizon listbox

5/16/21 Vector horizon compilation available in the Static menu comprising 4 files: vector-horizonN.dat, vector-horizon-ampN.dat, vector-horizon-thickN.dat, and export-vectorhorzN.dat with all written to the \dat\ folder 

5/10/21 Addition of separation of GSSI SIR 30 in 8 channel mode

5/5/21 Vector horizon compilation available in Static menu

5/4/21 Proceq multiple GPS grid collection added to a single inclusive grid operation in the Edit Info File menu

4/28/21 Truncate samples in the Radar Edit menu opened to truncate from a start sample other than sample 3

4/27/21 Radarteam Get XY button added to the Edit Info File menu

4/17/21 Test migration just shows migrated radargram and not redrawing of the unmigrated radargram

4/15/21 Vector track displays in OpenGL added to the Grid2D pulldown listbox

4/15/21 Older menu for just OpenGL tunnel vector radar displays placed back into the menu

4/15/21 Vector orthographic checkbox added to show pipes in their true (elliptical) dimension in OpenGL Volume Draw menu with 2 times vertical scale - in addition, initial graphic displays will be orthographic in xyz dimensions for vector displays

4/12/21 OpenGL Texture rendering checkbox removed from Options menu as all imaging is now texture method other than topo warping or GPS radargram displays

4/10/21 OpenGL XYZ-2D launch of the R-2D menu no longer has limitation on display of GPS radargrams and can handle equidistant displays or constant scan or full displays...etc.

4/9/21 Extended radargram names accomodated with extended menu slot sizes

4/7/21 Proceq SEGY GET XY button programmed for _HF and _LF channels

4/6/21 Resample in Range in the GPS track menu adjusted to just write out the actual scan and not interpolated at the closest scan just equal to or greater than the resample range

4/5/21 Importgeodata menu adjusted to explicitly set the output filenames to the export identifier without R- appended for batch operations

4/5/21 Update button added to Volume Tunnel Warp to update the effective tunnel radius by setting the number of equivalent Z cells; for the warping case of angles from exactly 90-270 only the half volume that is warped is written for space economy

4/5/21 Software adjustments to show null areas on ERT data in vector space

4/5/21 Conversion of imported 2d data/gridded and then exported to 32 bit radargram format *.v7r placed in the Grid menu for export

3/30/21 Migrator table dimension reduced to double dimension for performing 1D velocity profile migrations

3/26/21 Reconfigured XYZ to XZY volume enhanced to auto generate vector radargrams files for presenting vector volumes and radargrams along walls

3/26/21 Core file displays in the Horizon menu reset back to closest point of approach for GPS radargrams; xy profiles left as set distance

3/24/21 Prism-segy export format added to the Filter menu

3/23/21 Vector volumes distinguished from depth rad volumes in OpenGL labeling

3/19/21 Mala Mira HDR - multiplex format added to equipment list

3/18/21 Batch Depth Radargram button added to the Horizon Detection menu for converting time radargrams to depth radargrams; also depth radargrams are renamed with the append character "d-" in the \topo folder and a info-depth.dat file is automatically made - allowing for regenerating unique horizons which are adjusted to depth and can be visualized in OpenGL

3/17/21 Truncate Horizon 1 option added to maximize the bottom of radargrams and preserve data on the bottom mixed with null data

3/16/21 Raptor multichannel info file creation for non-gps surveys and zig-zag data has option to keep start fixed and add on the survey wheel length

3/13/21 Horizon overlay in bridgedeck module with horizon flag set in Options menu

3/12/21 Batch jpg button added to Bridgedeck module

3/11/21 Gridblock numbering changed to consecutives numbers

3/11/21 Gridblock lines added as Grid2D option in OpenGL for appending onto the current drawing

3/10/21 Renumber button added to Bridgedeck module for the user to manually set when they want inserted detections to be renumbered

3/10/21 Font sizes default removed from automatic marker labeling checkbox allowing this to be customized

3/9/21 Grid file header adjustments made to accomodate non-gpr import data

3/3/21 Options to scale x and y columns on import for non-GPR geophyiscal data

2/26/21 Fix for Proceq GPS log files with incorrect NMEA strings written in the list

2/13/21 Three extra decimals added to velocity resolution in the Options menu to account for Pundit sonogram data + time window auto read added

2/9/21 Batch dxf in the Pixel Map menu opened up 

2/9/21 Mira to Nav button for Mala Mira HDR equipment opened in the Edit Info File menu to be able to use *.pos files

2/9/21 Add character menu item included in the XYZ to NAV generalized navigation import in the Edit Info File menu to account for GPS log files not matching the channel 1 naming conventions

2/9/21 Pundit 8000 App v4.3.1 B read added to Create New Info listbox

2/6/21 Improved interpolation on direct 3D volume compilation for multichannel datasets

2/5/21 Pundit 8000 App v4.3.1 read added to the Create New Info listbox                                                                                                                                  

Bug Fixes

7/27/21 Real time depth and time displays following the cursor not working in Horizon menu when the sample end is something other than the native pulse length

7/26/21 Import 3D geodata not recognizing tab delimited data

7/23/21 24 hour bug on Array to Nav for Raptro equipment

7/22/21 *.gec time column for IDS equipment not being written into the *.gps files

7/22/21  Depth radargrams not working on GPS files

7/16/21 Velocity setting gets set to 0 on entering the Horizon menu

7/15/21 Vertical displays of vector volumes not properly showing the depth labeling on the Zscan

7/11/21 Time slice identifier excluding "topo" as a reserved name placed in the Slice/Resample menu

7/8/21 OpenGL R-2D button for syncing with the radargram menu showing an inadvertant message box

7/8/21 KMZ border checked off not working in the Gridblock time slice menu

7/7/21 World files export from the Gridblock time slice menu shifted

6/29/21 DXF conversion of time slices incorrectly using nearest RGB since an update earlier in the year

6/24/21 Compilation of bridgedeck module searches not working for ANG surveys

6/16/21 XYpoints not redrawing properly for ANG survey definition

6/16/21 XYpoints export with elevation not being written properly

6/15/12 Batch depth radargram operation not working properly for GPS datasets

6/14/12  File Identifier + extension button not working since an update from May

6/12/12 Show Example not displaying properly for use with the legacy Search 0ns button

6/1/21 UTC time not being read properly for time lag adjustments - decimal seconds formats not affected

6/1/21 SIR 30 8 channel extractor not working properly

5/18/21 Del and Pt buttons to edit chose velocity point on a 1D model placed back into the software

5/18/21 Proceq area scan not reading the correct csv file as software was looking for just a single csv in the project

5/12/21 XYpoints not reporting correct depths for 1D velocity profiles other than constant velocity

5/11/21 Raptor total station x,y versus y,x option import not working

4/22/21 Test code left in the Raptor GPS generation

4/21/21 File opened twice for making GPS from *.time files with Raptor Multichannel equipment

4/19/21 Dedictated OpenGL tunnel menu with duplicate functions not found by compiler

4/17/21 Radius of object >0 for Hyperbola Search menu not redrawing correctly after test migration run

4/15/21 Isosurfaces from vector volumes or depth volumes not scaled properly to xy axis lengths

4/13/21 Volum Tunnel warping left with test code which disabled proper volume generation 

4/7/21 Proceq GS8000 GPS log file creation not interpolating correctly between adjacent GPS points

4/7/21 Ang survey displays not working for perfect x or y surveys

4/5/21 Sub-meter import on vector_information_survey_set.dat not adding an additional marker to the vector file

4/1/21 64 bit floating point volumes not working on the reconfigure xyz to xzy menu nor the vector volume addition menu

3/29/21 Gridblock lines on the Grid2D button in OpenGL not plotting correctly 

3/21/21 Depth radragram conversion in the Horizon menu not passing the correct filename 

3/18/21 Impulse Radar equipment button Get TS popping up inadvertant message box for Get XY information

3/16/21 Scan scale not showing up on JPG output 

3/15/21 OpenGL XYZ-2D menu not deleting drawn textures causing GPU useage to hit max and potential crash

3/11/21 OpenGL isosurface with a non-zero z1 ns cutoff not refreshing the active display list screen

3/10/21 SEGY format 4 and 5 not converting properly on non-multithread  operations

3/10/21 Possible crash on software launch caused  by inadvertant max samples/scan and max files setting in the Options menu stored in a specific project

3/10/21 No volume reverse profiles or reverse ang profiles not showing up in OpenGL

3/10/21 Ang surveys not displaying on Truncate Sample operation in the Radar Edit menu

GPR-SLICE Control Panel Installation Version - Beta