GPR-SLICE Update -  February 24, 2021 - 1132am Pacific  

GPR-SLICE Library Update -  December 2, 2020 - 434pm Pacific

New Options

2/13/21 Three extra decimals added to velocity resolution in the Options menu to account for Pundit sonogram data + time window auto read added

2/9/21 Batch dxf in the Pixel Map menu opened up 

2/9/21 Mira to Nav button for Mala Mira HDR equipment opened in the Edit Info File menu to be able to use *.pos files

2/9/21 Add character menu item included in the XYZ to NAV generalized navigation import in the Edit Info File menu to account for GPS log files not matching the channel 1 naming conventions

2/9/21 Pundit 8000 App v4.3.1 B read added to Create New Info listbox

2/6/21 Improved interpolation on direct 3D volume compilation for multichannel datasets

2/5/21 Pundit 8000 App v4.3.1 read added to the Create New Info listbox

1/29/21 Regain menu added to BlueBox RSP batch runs

1/29/21 Impulse Radar multichannel equipment user inserted markers stored in GPR-SLICE profile trace headers

1/27/21 Radar autonaming checkbox for Horizon batch jpg exports added to Horizon menu

1/27/21 Yaw, pitch and right click zoom in adjusted to half speed in OpenGL

1/26/21 Rearranging of concrete and resampling Bluebox operations in a separate categories in the main File pulldown menu

1/21/21 New Bluebox Batch Run with profile resampling added before radargram editing called Basic+Resample+Edit+RSP and for concrete imaging XY Decoupled Gridding+Resample+Edit+RSP

1/13/21 GSSI to UTM adjusted to continue calculating navigation past DZG files with no data

1/9/21/ World file formats import of coordinates adjusted to handled files without carriage return + line feeds

1/8/21 New Proceq GPS format for GS8000 integrated

1/8/21 Adjustment to import Proceq dual frequency *.csv infoxy information file

12/28/20 3D Radar SEGY multiplex format with demultiplex button operation for multichannel licenses added to Edit Info File menu

12/20/20 Round number new option for grid integral location - initial definition reset to 0, with >=1 added/subtracted onto grid start/end points

12/19/20 Beta - UTM zone change along a GPS survey  - fixing all UTM zones to first UTM zone calculation

12/18/20 Number of units to extend time slice grid added to Grid menu at the XY round number checkbox

12/17/20 Mala CX11 and CX12 extract/demultiplex buttons moved to the Edit Info File menu (with infomain.dat active)

12/16/20 Explicit Mala Mira 8 multichannel systems with just *.cor file (and no *.pos files) format added

12/15/20 Border removed from KMZ file in GPS Track menu as requested

12/14/20 Real time mouse pointer position updated above the active radargram on multi-radargram displays for XYpoints

12/10/20 New *.GPS file format from Impulse Radar and using the *.time files and the *.gps files to interpolate synced scans (when *.cor files are not provided)

11/30/20 Grid Help Set option to round off or not round off xy start/end points added 

11/27/20 Parsing of long GPS profile parsing into customized profiles of N GPS points long added to the Radar Edit menu

11/25/20 Import of customized navigation on the XYZ to NAV button in the Edit Info File menu adjusted to handle files with line feed but no carriage returns written

11/23/20 GPS track point editing option for one point, till end of track line, till start of track options added to GPS Track menu

11/19/20 Appending of *.dat time slice ascii files added to the Grid menu

11/13/20 Proceq Dual Frequency info-HF.dat and info-LF.dat auto xy information generated in the Create New Info menu on the Proceq infoxy2.dat listbox settings

11/12/20 FK spectra plot axis labels added

11/4/20 XYpoints extended to allow line drawings on individual radargrams; updated with an undo button

10/31/20 DPI aware manifests added to GPRSLICEv7.exe and GPRSLICE-animations.exe to auto recognize the native screen resolution without regard to Windows HI DPI setting engaged

10/30/20 Improvements to Bridgedeck module where detected hyperbolas can be inserted/removed with the mouse

10/28/20 Up to 5 customized object/hyperbola/anomalies layers available in the Bridgedeck module with all settings automatically saved and retrieved for each detected layer

10/28/20 Store JPG button added to the Bridgedeck module

10/24/20 Tilted circles vector import adjusted to remove roll angle column

10/24/20 ANG surveys now supported in the Horizon menu without having to convert to artificial "GPS" surveys

10/24/20 ANG survey now show 3 tiered radar labeling - x, y, and range 

10/21/20 New vector import in the Create New Info file menu for tilted circles

10/11/20 Impulse Radar GPS log files with line feeds only and not carriage returns format option added

10/9/20 User field marks on profiles display option added on the Grid 2D button in OpenGL 

10/7/20 Impulse Radar multichannel offsets auto-read added on the Offset File button in the Create New Info menu

9/30/20 Interpolation of radargrams with unequal total number of scans - fixing to the least scan density profile

9/20/20 Improved detection of active composite block turned on for transform adjustment in the Composite Time Slice menu

9/9/20 Background median filter now programmed for custom filter lengths - prior was limited to full profile length

9/7/20 Ditchwitch, Subsite equipment manufacturers name added to Newproject menu

9/6/20 Custom filename import and export  vector_survey_user_set.dat data in the Create New Info File menu

9/4/20 Amplitude equalization added to the the Filter menu and available in multithread processing

9/1/20 Topo warped volume now synced to volume time range and auto-cuts info files with longer/short time windows

8/27/20 Normalization gain factor added to Filter menu

8/25/20 Enhancement to Import 2D Geophysical Data for both browsing for a single input file or batch import via an identifier

8/25/20 Option to convert from any manufacturers import format to GPR-SLICE format then in to *.dzt format in Filter menu

8/24/20 32 to 16 bit conversion buttons removed to encourage native resolution processing.

8/19/20 Before L_to_P conversion a backup file draw_L_to_P.dat is created and can be used to recover lines before pipe object conversion

8/16/20 Improved gridding and grid filtering multithread - number of active thread testing - and progressbar action

8/15/20 RadarTeam to UTM button update of SEGY auto read and conversion lat/lonfrom double precision header location

8/11/20 Unicode filenames conversion option in the Transfer Utility menu (to handle import of foreign filenames)

8/2/20 Underscore append character identification for project import for IDS multichannel datasets added


Bug Fixes

2/24/21 Hand markers for non-GPS surveys for IDS equipment not reading the newer format of the *.gec files to place markers into the trace header

2/24/21 XYZ to NAV button adjusted to write time with colons (:) into decimal time for use in time latency for total station surveys

2/22/21 ANG surveys not displaying in Radar Edit menu

2/22/21 TA identifier not included for main channel naming for IDS Stream C equipment

2/19/21 Grid smoothing on extracted grid with 64 bit resolution header flag not working

2/19/21 Compiler debug code accidentally left in on a 2/18/19 software version

2/18/21 Resdraw one in the Composite Time Slice menu not working for applying individual transforms to one gridblock and redrawing without having to redraw the complete number of block

2/2/21 Proceq GPS new format redeveloped for area and line scans

1/29/21 User markers on GPS radargrams with Constant Scan display options not working

1/28/21 One scan per pixel displays not working properly for GPS radar 2D menu

1/27/21 Message box removed from drawing GPS tracks in OpenGL XYZ-2D operations

1/26/21 All Tracks in OpenGL Draw menu for xy surveys not creating a permanent tracks objects file for overlay with DXF

1/25/21 New batch radar interpolation option not exiting to non-multithread processing

1/25/21 Deconv, Cepstrum,  Regain not working on multithread processing

1/22/21 New Raptor GPS format with *.time files not working correctly

1/21/21 GSSI SIR 4000 corrupt *.dzx files causing conversion failure in writing markers

12/19/20 New grid start/end rounding option correct version not put on website since 12/18

12/18/20 Radar labeling on first entering search Hyperbola Search menu with xy surveys not calling autolabeling

12/17/20 Mala CX12 extractor not working since inception about 12 years ago

12/12/20 User mark display in OpenGL Draw menu not compiling properly 

12/12/20 GPS search hyperbola menu not displaying labeling correctly on first time entering menu

12/2/20 Multithread median background filter not working since a 9/9/20 update

12/1/20 World file BNG not creating properly

11/30/20 Radar profile autonaming previously limited to 30 characters

11/27/20 Import of 2D geophysical data not working with certain file designations

11/26/20 Ang surveys not displaying properly in the Horizon Detection menu

11/24/20 Floating XY pulsewindow location not following active multi-radargram display if the dialog is not fully maximized

11/21/20 Hyperbola Search menu placing all picks for all layers into the active layer

11/21/20 Horizon displays not working correctly for ANG surveys

11/20/20 Free draw button in Horizon Menu not activating on the first click

11/19/20 Proceq infoxy.dat import not accounting for inches unit

11/17/20 Migration for variable velocity profiles not using the velocity profile for computing spherical spreading and obliquity in Kirchoff migration

11/7/20 New option for drawing on radargrams, undo button fixed

11/2/20 OpenGL GPS horizon profiles not showing with option set

10/29/20 Ang survey labels on dgthisplays with less than the total line length

10/29/20 Hyperbola Search menu not working for constant GPS scan dislays set in the Options menu

10/24/20 Sensors and Software *.gfp file version 1.2.0 not being read in correctly in the Create New Info menu

10/22/20 Horizon detection memory file not stored properly for recovering settings on each detected horizon

10/13/20 GPS elevation not being written from SEGY header and 16 bit integer files for RadarTeam log files not read correctly

10/13/20 0-line display missing from pulse display and GPS labeling density on constant scan displays intermittently not propagated  in the Hyperbola Search menu

10/12/20 Depth unit in active Hyperbola Search menu not following set depth unit

10/12/20 OpenGL XYZ-2D menu Zscan cursor not being saved after movemeny to different depths

9/30/20 Reverse files not being shown in the Horizon menu when Batch JPG is clicked on

9/21/20 KMZ border in the Composite Time Slice menu incorrectly placed into the Google Earth or World  File maps

9/18/20 Transparency on spheres and pipe objects not working in OpenGL Volume Draw menu

9/9/20 Times x1,y1 buttons interchanged in the Edit Info File menu

8/31/20 KMZ output in the Gridblock Time Slice menu and Pixel map menu for coordinate systems not in UTM, the kmz border of 140 pixels not properly accounted for

8/27/20 Normalization file not checking for capitilization of the file extension resulting in file not found message

8/27/20 RadarTeam to UTM button not reading the double precision floating point SEGY header as decimal minutes

8/26/20 Horizon-depth and imported layer files not showing properly in OpenGL

8/25/20 Horizon solid plots recoloring the entire screen

8/24/20 Impulse Radar PinpointR 32 to 32 bit button not working correctly

8/22/20 Partial border being shown in OpenGL export of KMZ files with border shut off

8/21/20 3D grid smoothing interpolating into empty cells

8/16/20 Renaming of add col1-4 times col1-4 not renamed properly to add x0,x1,y0,y1 buttons

8/14/20 SEGY time window read off by 1/nscan*twindow

8/4/20 Vector volume exports on isosurfaces not dimensioned correctly