How to display and interpret radargrams in GPR-SLICE Software (

GPR-SLICE Software   


GGGPR-SLICE Software Workshop Manual - July 15, 2018

Matt Allen at WSP Civils made a quickstart manual for himself and other workers at his company that is very complete.  The manual is tailored for the Leica D2000, Opera Duo and Ditchwitch equiupment  but most of the steps are fundamental to all GPR systems.

GPR-SLICE Software Quickstart Manual - taken from a section in the main manual  on the Subscribers Only page of the website.  Updated February 4, 2019

How to plot single baseline navigated lines in GPR-SLICE Software (
Rapid Radar Interpretation GPR-SLICE software (
Processing Mala Ground Explorer data in GPR-SLICE Software (
How to make vector tunnel longitudinal surveys in GPR-SLICE Software
How to warp a rectangular volume into a tunnel volume in GPR-SLICE Software
Processing IDS Opera Duo or Leica D2000 GPR data in GPR-SLICE Software (
Automated hyperbola detection and mapping in GPR-SLICE Software (
Project Management in GPR-SLICE Software (
How to correct for variable time 0 across a radargram dataset in GPR-SLICE Software
Standard topographic corrections in GPR-SLICE Software

GPR-SLICE Software  - Quickstart introduction including radargrams signal processing and time slice and 3D volume creation - 13min

Recommended reading for the background in GPR-SLICE Software and GPR technology:

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